Around Santaquin

July 1, 2006

The Cherries are Ripe!

Filed under: Agriculture — Frank Staheli @ 6:38 pm

The cherries are ripeNeighbors and friends came by today to partake of the fruits of our mini-orchard. They even picked enough by the time we got back from the gym, with the help of our children, for us to bottle 6 batches. We’re keeping some of the premium ones to give to our extended family when we travel to Washington County for a combined family reunion/Fourth of July bash.

The cherry crop this year, as is not always the case, was a bumper crop, at least in our yard. Gracious neighbors sprayed our trees, so we haven’t had to share our cherries with the worms this year!

This is just another of the reasons we love to live in Santaquin.


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